Webinar series

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A 5 day solution focused webinar series with top 5 Lebanese coaches and entrepreneurs with one objective; help you survive and thrive in your business today.

This Live Event is one of the largest conferences in Lebanon for starting your startup, learning how to pitch, grow your business, find the money, focus on your career, make use of digital solutions and marketing, and make good financial decisions. 


Loubna Sabbah
Career Coach
Amadeus Awad
Digital Entrepreneur
Charbel Hanna
Business Coach
Abdallah Harfouch
Financial Specialist


We know how valuable your time is, so we scheduled the entire event around evening sessions. You can register for the whole event and attend the session(s) that you see valuable to you. While all sessions will be recorded, we highly recommend that you register in order to receive the replay links.

Day 1 - 28 September

  • How to Start with $0
    How to Start with $0 8 PM

    Got an Idea? Have the passion to develop a small business? Yet have no clue how to start? Worst of all, your account is screaming 0$ and you are financially broke? Welcome to this session of "How to Start with 0$”. Unless your parents or yourself are rich enough to snap your fingers and have a team build your own startup, you need to do learn how to manage your idea from creation to start on your own. In this Webinar, you will learn the ins & outs of creating an idea from dreaming about it to a practical approach on developing it and trying to bring it to the market at 0$ cost. Are you ready for your Next Big Thing -- you're idea? - With Charbel Hanna

Day 2 - 29 September

  • The Unconventional Guide to Lucrative Investments
    The Unconventional Guide to Lucrative Investments 8 PM

    This session is divided to 2 parts… First: The Economic Situation in Lebanon & WorldWide, in addition to the Economic Crisis. How it is happening? Where are we heading? How to face it & overcome its consequences ? Second: We will discuss the solutions that we created to help people generating income and building an international business regardless of where you are or where you live. - With Abdallah Harfouch

Day 3 - 30 September

  • Finding the Right Business Path for You
    Finding the Right Business Path for You 8 PM

    If you are looking to start a business or become a freelancer but you are wondering which path to take that suits you and aligns with your passions and strengths then this session is for you! During this session, Loubna will walk you through the 6 main elements that you need to take into consideration when making a decision on what business idea, profession, project, or business field you should pursue. You will also learn effective decision making tools that you can use on your own to figure out what you should do next.

Day 4 - 1 October

  • The 6 Ways to Grow Any Business
    The 6 Ways to Grow Any Business 8 PM

    “6 Steps” is ActionCOACH terminology for “The 6 Steps to Building a Business”. This proven, step-by-step approach helps to clarify company objectives and results in consistent, predictable profits over time. Our definition of a business is: ‘a commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you having to be there.’ The 6 Steps are the ‘building blocks’ to creating a business that the owner can ultimately work ‘on’ and not ‘in.’ As an ActionCoach, I can guarantee a system and methodology that is designed to increase your profits. These tried and tested principles allow my clients to gain control of their finances, engage with their team, improve their Marketing, multiply their customers and revenue, leverage their systems and technology and climb the ladder of Business growth. - With Gaby Awad

Day 5 - 2 October

  • Drop Shipping Made Easy
    Drop Shipping Made Easy 8 PM

    Drop shipping is the trade of the present and future and it can present an amazing solution for people looking to make fresh money without the technical hassle and painful investment. Does it work if you're Lebanese? Of course!!! Join me on this session where I share with you my secrets of going from 0 to 10.000 US$ per month (Fresh in hand) using a simple Drop shipping strategy and a clear framework to make it work. NB: I don't have PayPal and you won't need it. - With Amadeus Awad

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