Whether you are a student, an executive, or a business owner you will find the right skill sets for you to follow at your pace. 

Follow the tracks set in the platform to add to your growth potential and learn new habits and skills that will lead you to achieving a higher career path or better management and leadership.

Our content designers and trainers have worked long hours to provide you with the best in class tailored just for you. We have made sure we select the best in breed depending on courses and topics in the platform. Should you need help in Good Session please go to Contact page for help.

Online self-paced e-learning
Gaby W. Awad - Founder

The platform first idea came from our founder Gaby W. Awad who have already coached and trained hundreds of leaders whether face to face or behind a computer. Gaby’s vision of leadership is to reach a compounding effect where leaders multiply leaders. This is when the idea of Good Session Coaching came along; a platform for learning and growth that can impact thousands instead of hundreds.

Good Session is a perfect place for online self-paced learning. Every course has videos and resources that are easy to follow. It is a simple platform for growing your knowledge online whether you are a professional, student, business owner, or just an individual with a growth plan just select the courses you are interested in and start learning. Our mission is to make it easy and simple for you to follow through and develop your learnings!

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