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Transform Your Life

Transform Your Life You can’t live in a New World with an Old Mindset otherwise you’ll suffer. In this course, coach Imad Abou Khalil helps you “Transform your Life” by learning a new way of thinking, taking responsibility, and practicing your freedom of conscious choice to create actions that can help you transform your life. …

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Virtual Team Featured Image

Virtual Team Building & Managing

Virtual Team BUILDING & MANAGING Virtual teams are growing in popularity since many companies continue to grow and expand in different areas. But sometimes learning to manage a team that we can’t physically see every day can be difficult. When we learn how to manage our local teams, as well as our virtual teams, we …

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Online Selling

Online Selling Increase your conversion rate in a virtual world Welcome to the Online selling course! Many believe that face-to-face meetings are crucial elements of the sales process. The client can feel the seller’s presence and interacts with him while the seller can read the client’s body language and facial cues. The communication is smooth …

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Supervising Others

Supervising Others

Supervising Others Welcome to the Supervising Others course. Supervising others can be a tough job. Between managing your own time and projects, helping your team members solve problems and complete tasks, and helping other supervisors, your day can fill up before you know it. This course will help supervisors become more efficient. They will also …

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Client Centered Sales

Client-Centered Sales (Arabic) – عمليات البيع؛ محورها العميل

Client Centered Sales (Arabic) – عمليات ألبيع؛ محورها العميل  صمم هذا البرنامج خصيصا لتاهيل رجال ونساء التسويق ومندوبي المبيعات وتمكينهم من فهم الاستراجيات الضرورية في عمليات البيع حيث العميل يأتي بالدرجة الأولى Videos 18 Video Lessons with more than 2 hours of on-demand access Resources Assessment and templates are included to help you kick start …

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Negotiation Fundamentals

Negotiation Fundamentals: How To Negotiate Effectively

NEGOTIATION FUNDAMENTALS How to negotiate effectively Learn the techniques, strategies and styles to become a better negotiator. The ability to create agreement through negotiation is the number one skill in business. Whether you are dealing in millions of dollars or simply winning others over to your way of thinking, Negotiation Fundamentals is the course that positions you …

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Impactful Presenter

The Impactful Presenter

The Impactful Presenter A good presentation is 2 stages: preparation and performance. To leave a good impression on your audience, you need to be well prepared and ready to give a great performance.  This course aims at equipping university students, fresh graduates, and beginning employees with practical strategies and tips to help them leave an …

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