This course is specially designed for Business Owners, General Managers, and Business Leaders. It was initially designed to be delivered over 12 sessions over a 3 months period but now you can take it at your ease and from home.  This is specially designed for growth-oriented people who cannot afford the time and money spent on 1-on-1 coaching. The general idea is to attend 4 sessions of 1 hour a week. Watch what other had to say about the program.

Session 1 – Mindset and Focus:
A Mini –alignment process to check in with exactly where you are now.
Getting CLARITY on your next steps.
Building CONFIDENCE that YOU have the personal and practical resources to achieve your goals.
Maintaining MOTIVATION to keep going through the inevitable challenges of moving forward.
The Intentionality Growth LAW
Session 7 – Team
Having the Right Team on the Bus
How to plan and conduct individual interviews
How to plan and conduct group interviews
Positional Contracts for your team to sign
Performance tracking and KPIs
Appraisal and assessment
Session 2 – Goals Setting:
Understanding Vision, Goals, Projects, and Tasks
Generating Goals
Put your GROWTH in a 1-page plan
The 90-Day Plan for Growth Accountability
Session 8 – The 5 WAYS to Increase Profits
1. Leads
2. Conversion Rate
3. Transactions Number
4. Average Sale
5. Profit Margin
Selecting the 5×5 Sales and Marketing Plan to Implement the 5 WAYS
The extended Model
Session 3 – Marketing:
Finding your niche
Ways to grow your database with quality prospects
Email marketing to your database
The systemized marketing plan that consistently generates quality prospects
Grow and nurture prospects and leads Testing and Measuring in Marketing
Marketing is an Investment – The Acquisition Cost and the Client Lifetime Value
Session 9 – Leadership
The 5 Levels of Leadership
Self-assessment of your leadership score
Selected Laws from the John Maxwell 21 Laws of Leadership
Session 4 – Selling:
The new way to close deals is opening relationships
Value first
DISC Profiling
Anticipating Objections
Daily Order Intake
Session 10 – Time and Self Management
Self Management
Planning Management
Delegation Management
Covey’s Urgent x Important Matrix
Time audit and your default diary
Fun / Skills Matrix
Procrastination and procrastination on purpose
Session 5 – Cash and Finance:
The 9 Steps to A predictable Cash Flow
Your Breakeven and CVP Analysis
Reading and Interpreting the Profit and Loss Statement
Budget and Budget Tracking
KPIs and Dashboard
Session 11 – Presentation and Speaking Skills:
The Terror Barrier
The power of stories and humor
Breaking down the topic
Powerpoint best practices
Knowing and engaging your audience
Entertain, Engage, Inform
Session 6 – Delivery and Service
Customer Service Standards
The WOW Factor to Customer Service
The Ladder of Loyalty
Service is Queen: Defining your service touch points and put a plan to improve customer experience at each touch point
Reminding your clients of the results and benefits you helped them achieve
How to measure customer satisfaction
Session 12 – Negotiation Skills:
The difference between positional and interest-based negotiation
The 4 stages process
Know your WATNA, BATNA, ZOPA, etc.
Negotiation in Teams
Beyond Win-Win