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How to Calm Your Overthinking Mind

Sometimes we are caught up in our thinking, unaware of how powerful our thoughts are and how they are affecting our behavior, decisions, relationships, career and goals in life. This course will help you understand the power of thoughts, build awareness around your own thinking by recognizing your own negative thought patterns that you may not be aware of and that are stopping you from achieving your full potential.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand what overthinking is
  • Understand the power of thoughts
  • Learn how to explore and build awareness around your thoughts
  • Learn how to identify and recognize negative thought patterns
  • Learn steps to help you control your mind from overthinking

  • Videos

    8 Video Lessons with more than 1 hour of on-demand access

  • Resources

    An over thinking mind assessment and a calendar are included to help you become self aware of your negative thoughs

  • Practical Implementation

    The course has an Attitude Game Plan. The challenge is to commit to YOUR path to attitude fulfillment starting this minute

  • Language


  • Quiz

    To complete each lesson, you have to answer emotionally intelligent questions

  • Certificate Included

    Certificate of Completion from GoodSession Coaching

About the course author

Dana is a certified mindfulness coach, a meditation and yoga teacher with an open heart to spread wellness, happiness and health by teaching mindfulness techniques that will help others manage and decrease their stress levels to allow them to have a more balanced life. Coming from a corporate background, she knows and understands the value and need for relaxation and that stress is the main cause of illness, hoping to raise corporate awareness on the importance of investing in wellness for a healthier and more balanced life!

She has conducted many mindfulness programs, workshops on mindfulness and meditation, and mindfulness coaching at different centers in Lebanon. Some of her clients include Olayan School of Business (AUB), AUBMC Health and Wellness center and Thrive center.

Dana Abou Zeki | MBA| MSHCT| RYT 200 

Mindfulness Coach 

Yoga and Meditation teacher

NLP and EFT practitioner 

REPs and Yoga Alliance certified


Dana offers customized corporate mindfulness workshops based on the client’s needs, 1-1 mindfulness coaching in person and via an online coaching platform. In addition, she offers 4 and 8 weeks mindfulness for stress programs, in which she teaches mindfulness techniques to help release stress and learn how to respond rather than react to situations that trigger our stress.

Her journey has started 12 years ago and continues with her curiosity and passion for various holistic healing modalities. She is also an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and a transactional analysis (TA) practitioner which has helped enrich her knowledge and practice on the journey to help herself and others. She also holds a BBA and an MBA From the Olayan School of Business (OSB-AUB) and comes from a consulting background.

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