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Online Selling

Increase your conversion rate in a virtual world

Welcome to the Online selling course!

Many believe that face-to-face meetings are crucial elements of the sales process. The client can feel the seller’s presence and interacts with him while the seller can read the client’s body language and facial cues. The communication is smooth and vivid. But in fact, face-to-face meetings are not always the smartest option. In sales, face-to-face meetings can be expensive and time-consuming: you cannot spend your whole life traversing the country or the planet to meet with your clients.

Video conferencing presented itself as an efficient and effective alternative. With video conferencing you get many advantages of face-to-face meetings while also having the flexibility, cost effectiveness and comfort of never leaving your desk. With online meetings, you get the privilege of meeting with potential clients anywhere and anytime. You can also meet with a higher number of prospects and clients in a smaller time frame.

Online meetings can also help you shorten your selling cycle by allowing all the decision makers to come together at the same time, even if they are in different locations around the globe. Once you have incorporated online meetings into your day-to-day life, you will be instantly available to your customers whenever they need you. You will be able to offer a better post-sales experience as you can visit your clients online anytime to deal with any issues they may be having. Thanks to the video conferencing tools, the future of sales communication looks so appealing!

This course is intended to teach you effective sales tools and communication techniques to increase your close rate with clients through video conferencing. Additionally, you will learn key performance tools to become a more confident, efficient, and laser-focused salesperson. This course consists of self-paced online training modules, videos, offline activities to practice what you learned. By the end of this course you will complete a comprehensive quiz to ensure that you have acquired the set of skills needed to become an online sales champion! You will also have to record a full presentation using video conferencing tools and material learned during this course as a prerequisite to request your certificate.

About the Course Author: Nathalie Laham

“Success requires a strong vision, hard work and a burning desire to excel”.

With more than 10 years of experience in Sales, Marketing and Customers’ experience, Nathalie is currently a Certified Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP) Sales Professional and Student Business Mentor.

Nathalie has extensive knowledge in multiple fields including, Media, Events, Public Relations, Shipping and Telecom across the MENA region working for leading companies including Arabnet, Pikasso, Inkript and the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC).

Currently, Nathalie is an Associate Business Director for the MENA region at Voted Product of the Year.

As a Sales and Marketing expert, Nathalie can help you optimize your professional and interpersonal skills to become a top business professional in the marketing field. 

Nathalie Laham

Nathalie Laham 

Certified Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP)

Sales Professional and Business Mentor

  • Videos

    6 Video Lessons with more than 1 hour of on-demand access

  • Downloadable Resources

    Across lessons you will find downloadable resources like PDF and Excel documents and templates.

  • Language

    English with some Arabic

  • Quiz

    To complete the course and earn your downloadable certificate of completion, you have to answer some quiz questions

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