Module Four: Preparing An Outline

The more detailed and accurate your outline is, the more cohesive and persuasive your proposal will be

A General Format

Proposals vary widely in their size and structure. However, most proposals include the following elements:

General Outline

Special Sections

In addition to the standard components, here are some components that you might see in a proposal:

  • Table of Figures (if there are a lot of illustrations in the proposal)
  • Statement of understanding
  • Organizational history
  • Summary of writer’s credentials
  • Proposed project timeline
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Benefits summary
  • Scientific method
  • Budget
  • Specific project elements, such as proposed product design, marketing plan, schedule, etc.
  • Problem analysis
  • Glossary of jargon, technical terms, etc.

Can you think of other things to add to this list?

Creating a Framework

Once the standard components and any special sections are outlined, it is time to build the body of your proposal.