Setting Expectations

First things first: your employees need to know what you expect of them in order to succeed. In this module, we will work through the four steps of setting expectations.

  1. Define the requirements.
  2. Identify opportunities for improvement and growth.
  3. Discuss the requirements.
  4. Put it all in writing.

Material Attached

Putting Expectations in Writing Template

It’s never a bad idea to write down your expectations. 

After you finish watching the video, go ahead to the lesson material section and download the Putting Expectations in Writing exercise. Download and use.  This document can be kept for your records, and it can be shared with the employee so they have something to refer to. 

Once filled use the upload assignment box below and let’s discuss…

Case Study

Sara and Jorge were setting out a task for their newest employee in the Human Resource Management Department at their company. They were exhausted after a long day at work and were struggling to come up with ideas for how to set out the task. Sara suggested they define the requirements for the task and Jorge agreed. They asked: what the end result of the task should look like, when the employee should report back and what the key parts of the task were. Together, they compiled the answers to the questions and were happy when they could lay out the task and present it to the employee the next day. Sara and Jorge closed up the office and went to their homes relaxed in the knowledge that the employee would have the right tools to succeed.