Lesson Category: Positive Attitude

Element 6 – Attitude Fulfillment

Difference between success and fulfillment: Many successful people are miserable, or unfulfilled. They’re successful but unhappy, cynical, resentful, or, bitter. Fulfillment begins with extended internal happiness, combined with a love of what you do, and a pride of accomplishment and achievement. Fulfillment is wanting more but being content and at peace with what you have.

Element 5 – Attitude Achievement

“Anything your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve” – Napoleon Hill In this lesson we will reveal the formula attitude achievement and the way to create your own positive language. Then we will move towards positive attitude maintenance strategies which are: Preventive Attitude Maintenance Urgent Attitude Maintenance Practice Attitude Maintenance Rejuvenative Attitude Maintenance

Element 4 – Attitude Attributes

Think about your best qualities: The things you love to do Things you are good at The qualities people you complement you on Those qualities make you the person you are Those are your attributes, your assets Let’s rate our Attitude attributes by downloading, printing and assessing your Attitude Self Test from the lesson material …

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Element 3 – Attitude Actions

Actions you can take right now: – Be nice– Be kind– Smile– Make friends– Say nice things– Praise others – Take responsibility– Be proud of your work– Be proud of your accomplishments– (not to others; but to yourself)– Don’t worry– Be happy If you want to start making attitude changes… start taking attitude actions

Why Communication is Important?

Effective communication is about: Your ability to listen = 30% Your ability to respond = 20% Your ATTITUDE = 50% What determines effective stakeholder management? Same as above… Half of your success or more is determined by your positive attitude. But the plot thickens… Why people fail on the job? 15% poor verbal and written …

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Introduction to the Positive

The challenge is to commit to YOUR path to attitude. Nobody can change your attitude but, you can set an atmosphere so that you can change it yourself We start with an INSIGHT and AWARENESS, but you have to take the actions everyday Practice, assessments, and a Game Plan will be provided Once you make …

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