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Strategic Thinking

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Strategic Thinking

7 Reasons Why You Should Attend This Program

The program equips participants with a robust and practical framework to formulate, develop and execute strategic plans by providing you with a thorough understanding of all the elements making up a successful strategy. We will guide you through the different steps to design a strategy, translate it into a set of strategic initiatives, and monitor its execution by applying key performance indicators and balanced scorecards. By the end of the program, you will be able to:

  • Apply the seven steps required to formulate and execute a strategy.
  • Conduct macro and micro environment analysis using SWOT techniques and Porter’s five market forces analysis.
  • Consider and apply the various strategic choices including Blue Ocean Strategies. Apply project management practices to implement a course of action.
  • Design key performance indicators to measure a strategy’s key result areas.
  • Learn how to use the balanced scorecard to monitor results and follow up on the successful implementation of a strategy.
  • Apply all learnings to a hypothetical organization of your choice.
  • Get an international certificate from Maxwell Leadership.

Program Outline.

Through our tested program, we’ll help you find clarity on strategic matters that matter the most for you and your business and maximize your value from beginning to end.

Day 1 – The Strategic Management Process

15 March 2023 – 17:00 to 21:00

  • Strategy vs. plan
  • The seven steps of strategic management
  • Strategy formulation and strategy execution
  • Benefits of strategic management
  • Reasons for strategy failure
  • Strategy and organizational planning: the PARC framework

Day 2 – Analyzing the Macro and Micro Environments

17 March 2023 – 17:00 to 21:00

  • Elements of the macro environment
  • The micro environment: Porter’s five market forces
  • The 5Cs of strategic analysis
  • Conducting the SWOT analysis – PEDESTL
  • The dos and don’ts of SWOT analysis
  • The balanced scorecard: a useful strategy tool

Day 3 – Making Strategic Choices

22 March 2023 – 17:00 to 21:00

  • The 3 primary goals of a competitive strategy
  • Types of strategy choices
  • Strategy choice and market structure
  • Application of Porter’s generic choices
  • The Blue Ocean Strategy choices
  • Goals, Objectives, KPIs, and Targets
  • Revisiting the balanced scorecards

Day 4 – Strategic Initiatives and Plans

24 March 2023 – 17:00 to 21:00

  • Turning KPIs into SMART objectives
  • Moving from vision and mission to initiatives and actions plans
  • Initiatives vs. activities
  • The critical success factors of a performance management system
  • Obstacles to effective
  • Participants presentations and feedback strategy execution

Day 5 – The 6 Steps to Business Success

27 March 2023 – 17:00 to 21:00

  • Mastery: Destination – Money – Time – Delivery
  • Niche: USP – Leads – Conversion – Revenue – Loyalty – Margins
  • Leverage: People & Education – Delivery & Distribution – Testing & Measuring – Systems & Technology
  • Team: Recruitment – Environment – Leadership & Management – The 7 Keys to Winning Teams
  • Synergy: A commercial, profitable enterprise that works with you
  • Results: Growth – Investments


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