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9 January 20021

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Gaby Awad

As a Business and Executive Coach, Gaby helps business owners, leaders, and teams grow and achieve their goals through alignment, business re-education, coaching, and mentoring. He has more than 25 years of experience in executive positions and transforming businesses. Currently, he is the Franchise Owner of ActionCOACH in Lebanon and in this position he also coaches Business Owners, CEOs and other top-level executives. Gaby holds international accreditations as certified coach from ActionCOACH, Marshall Goldsmith, The John Maxwell Team, and Jeffrey Gitomer Sales Academy. Gaby is also the founder of Good Session Coaching, an online learning platform for executives and business professionals where leaders can go through self-paced learning. You can connect with Gaby on any of his seriously social platforms...

Sergio Moukarzel

Sergio is a business & leadership coach, consultant, TV host, and program creator, entrepreneur, and people development specialist. His powerful interpersonal and essential skills have been a plus in providing acceptance in the business and people coaching world and taking over big projects in his career. At 24 years of age, he co-founded Clase Mundial “Travel and Wedding agency in Lebanon and Cyprus” which is now a leading and high profile business for couples wishing to marry abroad and in Lebanon. Sergio also co-founded Tamtam Cocktails “Fresh Snacks and Juice catering for restaurants and events” which is now being sort after as a concession and chain in various places around Lebanon. Vivre en Paix for family empowerment is an NGO project that Sergio co-founded which deals with psychological, economic and educational aspects families face.

Johnny Shalhoub

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